Filter Club

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Creator Program

Please try to create a fun video for your purifier and tag us @okaysouglobal on TikTok, and we can own the rights to use your video 

Benefits of joining the Filter Club


Save 10% With Free Shipping On All Filter Club Subscriptions.
You Can Cancel Any Time!

  • Step 1 . Go to Filter page
  • Step 2 . Select filter, click "Subscribe and Save," and add to cart
  • Step 3 . Manage subscription
  • Step 4 . Complete purchase

Always the right filter, when you need it, at a discount

Benefits of joining the Creator Program

  • When your video reaches 500 views, you will get a 20%off on the filter of your corresponding product; 
  •  When your video reaches 3k views, you will get an 40%off discount on the filter of your corresponding product;
  •  When your video reaches 5k views, you will get an 60%off on the filter of your corresponding product

When your video reaches 10k views, you will get the free filter of your corresponding product. (For 4S users, you can select one of our 4 replacement filters, while for 8L users, we can offer you one Carbon Filter and one True HEPA.)

  • When your video reaches 40k views, you will get the AirMic4S for free. 
  • When your video reaches 50k views, you will get the AirMax8L for free.

When your video reaches 1M views, you will get $500 for the outstanding work!!!

Note: This activity is only available to customers who purchase products from our website. And you can only enjoy one of the above rewards and the views of this video should be a week's data since its release.