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Okaysou AirCubo8C Air Purifier

Original Price $189.99

Crowd Deal price $Free

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Target Goal: 10000

Reach 2000 people, select 1 lucky winner; Reach 4000 people, select 1 lucky winner;

Reach 6000 people, select 1 lucky winner; Reach 10000 people, select 2 lucky winners

324 people has joined

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1. Expire Time : February 14, 2019 (Pacific Time).
2. A total of 5 air purifiers will be sent for free.
   After reaching the number of 2000, 1 lucky person will be randomly selected from all participants; reaching 4000, choose 1;
   reach 6000, choose 1, and reaching the final goal of 10000, 2 will be selected from all the participants.
3. Participate easily and share with more friends, you will earn more chance to be 1 of 5 lucky persons.
4. Winners will be announced on Okaysou Facebook each time a winner is chosen. All the products will be sent within 1-3 days
   after the activity ends.
5. All participants will also get 20% off code for this air purifier and Okaysou new release air purifier AirMax8L.
6. Each one could only participate once.
7. The next group buying activity will be announced on Okaysou Facebook.
8. Open to users with US shipping addresses ONLY, due to new shipping policies. Any concerns about this activity,please 
   contact [email protected].

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