Ultra HEPA Filter &Duo Carbon Filter | the heart of AirMax 8L Air Purifier

As a strengthened mode for large room, AirMax 8L Air Purifier has a better performance to circulate airflow and remove hair, odors, unwanted gases, etc. Main reason for its higher efficiency is the powerful Ultra HEPA Filter and Duo Carbon Filter, which work together purifying air again and again to make sure the air cleanliness.



As for an air purifier, the main internal-structure includes filters and a motor. A relevant research shows 78% people suggest that the filters are the main part of internal structure. Therefore, there is no doubt that filters are the core matter in continuous transportation of fresh air; as important as the heart of a human body. Regarding the core part, both relative properties and functions are need to be known before purchase. Actually, there are a few people will pay attention to.


( Ultra HEPA Filter and Carbon Filter)


While, it doesn’t matter whether you know or not before, the following analysis will offer you a deeper understanding.

  • Ultra HEPA Filter            

H13 HEPA Filter is a 3 in 1 filter-combination, including a Pre-Filter, a H13 HEPA filter, and a blue Antimicrobial Filter.

The 3 in 1 Ultra HEPA Filter

                ( The 3 in1 Ultra HEPA Filter)     


The Pre-Filter, for the preliminary purification, just like a fine mesh covering on the Ultra HEPA filter. Those large particles, such as pet danger, pollen, hair, as well as the confetti, the small diameter holes make them enter impossibly.

The H13 HEPA Filter is designed for small particles to 0.3 mm, like dust, mold. The whole filter is pleated. Upon the influence of gravity and a large number of air eddies for unevenly woven mesh, the speed of dust substances will be cut down and fill into numeral mezzanine sides as sedimentation as sand sinking into the bottom. Then, purified air enters freely into the next layer-Antimicrobial Filter.

Regarding filtering level, according to EN 1882 Standard, HEPA Filter is divided into 5 grades: coarse filter, medium efficiency filter, above-average filter, sub-high efficiency filter, high efficiency filter. The number of degree is proportional to the purification capacity; the higher the level, the better the purification performance. Surely, there is a proportional relationship between cost and degree as well. The purpose to save cost naturally results in enormous difference in HEPA medical degree.


(Grading Table)(Grading Table) 


In market, the original material of this layer has been used by sellers or manufactures is inferior to H12, which is lower greatly than Okaysou HEPA Filter with the medical degree H13. Unlike the ordinary HEPA Filter, the clearance rate of Ultra HEPA Filter reaches up to 99.97%.



With the help of physical filtration and Ultra HEPA Filter, particles in air almost have been left. While, those left dust matters potentially become fertilizer for bacteria. Towards this problem, a special fiber material has been added for defending various germs. This special fiber material is a individual filtering layer, we call it Antimicrobial Filter. It blocks the food supply of bacteria making it have no chance to breed and eventually die.


( The Blue Antimicrobial Filter)


  • Duo Carbon Filter

There are two layers contained in a Carbon Filter: one is the Active Carbon Filter, another one is Cold Catalyst Filter.

As we know, honeycomb has lots of advantages. Besides aesthetics, whatever strong bearing force or high capacity is the reason to be appreciated. Consequently, this kind of muti-hole structure has been used in the design of Active Carbon Filter. The unique difference is their shape, honeycomb is hexagonal; but regarding Carbon Filter, both of active carbon particles and its distribution plate are rounded, which has higher capacity and is more uniform.


(Active Carbon Filter)


Rounded holes(d=0.55cm) come into being amounts of air flux. Those terrible smells, odors contained in air will be absorbed by active carbon particles stored in each room of the distribution plate. Meanwhile, due to the structure’s closure and resistance function of active carbon particles, the air won’t pass through this layer directly in a short period of time, but is maintained in rooms. So that, the air can be purified circularly and intensively till odor has been removed to a maximum degree.

 Affirmatively, a Carbon Filter is not just for terrible smell or odor, but also for harmful gases. The reason why it can resolve unwanted gases is because of a material, that is Cold Catalyst.


( Golden Cold Catalyst Filter)


Cold catalyst, also known as natural catalyst, is another new type of air purification material after photo-catalyst deodorizing air purification material. It can initiate a catalytic reaction at room temperature and decompose many harmful and odorous gases into Hazardous and odorless substances. It changes from simple physical adsorption to chemical one, with decomposition and adsorption work simultaneously. Harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, TVOC will be remove out; and generates water and carbon dioxide.



(Decompose of Cold Catalyst


During the catalytic reaction, the cold catalyst itself does not Participate directly in the reaction. After the reaction, the cold catalyst will not change or lose, and will play a long-term role. The cold catalyst itself is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-combustible. The reaction products are water and carbon dioxide, and no secondary pollution occurs, which greatly extends the service life of the filter.


(5- layer purification system)

(5- layer purification system)


The 3 in 1 Ultra HEPA Filter and 2 in 1Carbon Filter make up a 5 layers purification system for the AirMax 8L Air Purifier. Each layer of filter is vital to air purifiers. All the layers of filter corporate to removing odor and harmful gases, can we get a perfect effect. If you’re concerned about cigarette smoke, musty odor, VOCS and so on; air purifiers with the two types of filter will free you from worries, meanwhile, not only you can enjoy your prime time, but also have a sweet dream at night.


*Okaysou AirMax8L Medical Grade H13 True HEPA Air Purifiers with Ultra-Duo Two Filters:

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