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When using air purifier, we guess you’ll come across some puzzles, which may disturb your good mood.

Therefore, this blog aims to offer you some points towards several cases to help you know about your air purifier.


I. Filter Installation

  • make sure the appliance is unplugged and no water on hands.
  • Remove all the packaging, otherwise may cause noise.
  • Install filters in right order.


II. Buttons and indicators

1) Filter light keeps blinking: reset the air purifier.

  •   4S: press the button of “filter light” for 3 seconds ( not 3 times).
  •   8L: press the “sleep mode” for 3 seconds ( not 3 times).

2) Turn off child lock: press it for 3 seconds ( not 3 times).


III. Better performance

  • With the windows and doors closed in case harmful particles comes in constantly.
  • Leave enough clearance (20 cm) on all sides of the air purifier.
  • Make sure not to block the air inlet and outlet.


IV. Cleaning suggestions (every 2-4 weeks)

  • Front panel/body of air purifier/air inlet & outlet: clean them by soft, dry towels.
  • Washable Pre-filter: separate it from the Ultra-Duo Filter and wash it by water.

*Note: the HEPA Filter, Antibacterial Filter, Carbon Filter can not be reusable and washed by water.


V. Filter replacement (every 6-8 month)

  • Reset the air purifier to turn off the filter light after having a replacement.

* Note1: the actual replacement frequency depends on its service time and air quality. If it serves for 24/7 or your surrounding air is in the high pollution, it will take shorter to replace. On the contrary, it will take longer.

*Note2: towards the AirMax8L Air Purifier, generally, there is no need to replace the two filters simultaneously. Of the two kinds of filters, the duo carbon filter may not be replaced if it is not so dirty; while the HEPA filter shall be replaced in time because it's the most important one to clean air.


VI. New item with a strange smell (not chemical odors)

  • Keep running it for 1 week.

*Note: the smell just results from a special cleanser used to make sure no dirtiness when you receive it.


VII. Noises come out from the air purifier

  • The airflow is blocked by packaging.
  • The motor may be damaged for the improper transportation of carriers.
  • Foreign objects may be inside.
  • The air purifier in an inclined place making the fan blades rub with the air purifier’s lining.
  • The filter serves so long that needs to be replaced, because pollutants blocked the filter and strengthened the resistance of air.
  • The clearance of the motor is increased for the long service time so that the motor become loose.

*Note: 30-day free return policy & 5-year warranty always free you from any worries. A new item and the full refund will be achieved right away based on your ideas.

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The moment air purifier meets with you, it is the time for you to get three kinds of “better”:
1) the air purifier serves you better
2) enjoy your surrounding air better
3) your mood of every day gets better


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We look forward to dealing with your puzzles in a communicative way between friends. Please be rest assured that we always stand behind you to offer timely help based on all your ideas within 24 hours!


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