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The Okaysou AirMax8L is truly affordable

Top 10 Air Purifiers for pets 2020

The AirMic4S is simple to use

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AirMax 10L Pro

Better than true HEPA, AirMax10L Pro, equipped with washable H13 Dual-Filter, Premium Nanois-Filter, Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter, captures 99.97% of air pollutants between 0.3 – 0.1 microns

AirMax 8L

Combined with washable 3-Stage Ultra Filtration and 2-Stage Duo Filtration, the air cleaner is designed to capture pet dander and pet hair that can cause breathing problems.

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This thing is great! Bought it after doing a ton of research on similar products, and this one came out on top!




Nice sleek white blends into the room. Wanted something that would clean a large room. Does great and the fan is quite.


United States


My boyfriend is a little allergic to my cat. So we need a good air purifier to help us reduce the cat dander. It works very well. We used it for 2 days and his allergy symptoms are much better.


United States


We have this in our kitchen. It gets the job done and does it quietly. Can't even hear it with fridge, dishwasher, oven all around


United States