Meet Okaysou AirMax8L & AirMic4S

Statistics shows that nine out of ten people are breathing polluted air. Air pollution, which kills 6 million people every year, has become the biggest health risk of our time. Air pollution is everywhere. No matter where you live, you need to breathe. The fine pollutants, floating in the air, has broken our body defense line, penetrated into our respiratory and circulatory system and damaged our lungs, heart and brain.
There are two main types of air pollution: outdoor air pollution and indoor air pollution. And the indoor air pollution is caused by burning household fuel like coal, firewood etc. with open flames or inefficient stoves in poorly ventilated areas. As women and children spend the longest time in rooms, they are most affected by the pollution.
Facing the inevitable problem that indoor air is becoming worse, Okaysou brings a new level solution to help clean your home air. And we are happy to introduce you the AirMax8L and AirMic4S which both have been praised by thousands of customers.
AirMax8L, the elder bro, is special designed to fit large rooms up to 800sq.ft, like living room, kitchen, or office etc. While, AirMic4S, the younger one, is perfectly fit in small room, like study room, dorms etc. up to 580 sq.ft. Both air purifiers are using the unique medical grade ultra-duo filtration to capture the widest range of pollutants to help clean air. It is efficient at removing visible large particles such as dust, pet hair and dander, pollen, and invisible small particles such as mold mites, bacteria, smoke, allergens and VOCs.
How does the medical grade ultra-duo filtration system work? With this special system, the polluted air is pulled in the filter, then it will encounter the ultra-filter to trap the large particles and some small particles like smoke, mold mites; and it comes to the duo filter which is effective to remove harmful gases, stubborn odors, virus and VOCs. And finally, the clean air is projected to air again.
Besides this amazing air filtration system, AirMax8L and AirMic4S also have its own special features. AirMax8L, the big brother, features 3 fan speeds, 1/2/4/8 timer, child-lock function, sleep mode and filter change indicator, and the most excellent thing is that it also has the auto shut off protection to make it safer when using. For AirMic4S, it includes all the features of his brother except child-lock, but plus the night light to meet different needs. Thanks to the silenceboost technology, both air cleaners are so quiet that it is hard to notice at night.
As the increasing air pollution grows, we not only need to focus on outdoor air, but also pay more attention to our room air because we spend most of our time here. Bring AirMax8L and AirMic4S home, and enjoy a totally new air experience.
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