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  1. I must have missed the big air purifier craze. Again I am writing on this site hopefully to assure the feeling that I have not been dupted ! Not sure how to spell that word, I will have to look that one up. I can definitely tell the difference in my rooms air contents for sure as my allergies and sneezing, itchy eyes, and running nose has kinda eased a bit, not gone away completely but definitely gone down. I have two large room cleaners in my 28 by 15 ft. room, which one happens to be the Okaysou AirMax 8L , the other we will just call APH260, ok i got to be careful i do not hit the wrong keys so bare with my typing and grammer! So as far as a HEPA filter system in square footage i am covered, next is the Air free Tulip which i have purchased also to help clean the air in my room. It supposingly does not require any kind of filtration system. It also suppose to cover around 450 square foot. so between the 8L AirMax which covers 237 square foot, i should be covered in addition to the 450 square footage of the Air free Tulip. Total is 1042 covered. I am also going to add the little Okaysou Purifier I don’t remember its name but im sure its good for at least 90 to 100 square feet.. I found a Humidifier/water air purifier online at Wallyworld for like $50, i have seen the one Okaysou lists on this site but it only says its for oil difusser for aroma therpy i can’t spell anymore. so with the 2 big units and the air free unit , and the small air unit, and the humidifier/aromathepy /air cleaner, my 450 square foot room should be clean in the max. of 7 days at the most give or take a day or two. Today is the 21st of September 2019, I have 3 units operating and within the next 3 weeks should have another small air cleaner and a humidifier./ air purifier. I am sorry i have missed the bus on this Air Purifier run, i know how these things work , probrably when this unit first came out this Blog was full of people talking and asking each other questions. Not telling how long this reply to someones ill attempt at starting a reply to Get more fresher air, Live healthier life, is definitely an American accent, lmao more like a Chinese person attempt at sounding like an American asking a dumb question about a product. Can’t say I am bitter about what i am seeing in America these days, i was always taught that now matter what in life that hard work will always prevail over being lazy and jobless, which for the most part is true but when you add in economics to the mix and politics the lines become faded together like a long, long road. You know one day things in this country are coming to a big change, no more music, no more work force, kids today have no idea what a 12hour workday, 7 days a week is! So I take my hat off to the Chinese people, you can’t blame them for wanting to get ahead , sometimes we do things and really really big things happen that we have no control about. They say the Greatest Nations in the World ever was the Romans which only lasted a little under 300 years! At the rate we are going I don’t see us America making it to 300 years, what a shame we are gonna have to pass the torch? I wonder how this is going to go down, i can only see greed and money being the cause of this because you know neither country wants to blow up the whole world 10 times over just to see one of them burn 100 times hotter! Alright Peter Pang it was a pleasure to meet you brother , i just hope I got this clean air stuff firgured out because if all these cleaners don’t work, then im gonna be about $650 in air purifiers and filters etc. I am wondering how much my doctor is gonna charge for allergy tests and medicine? Minimun to pay the doctor $1000 dollars plus monthly medicines and treatments. Anyone else have any ideas, pass them along to me at [email protected]

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