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As a young and innovation USA base company, we gather a group of passionate and creative young people to make the world different. We focus on air cleaning, hoping that with your support, we can provide a healthier air for our customers. And your kind support encourages us to truly believe that we can do it. 

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What Our Customer Say

So quiet. [MAKE SURE TO REMOVE ALL PLASTIC FROM FILTER PARTS OR IT WON'T BE!] My morning sinus issues improved after only one night of running the unit. After 4 nights, I woke with almost no sinus "goop" at all. It's definitely larger than I wanted, and it reminds me of a paper shredder, but those are my only complaints. My nightstand is 21" x 22", for perspective (photo). I wanted a table top unit, but I couldn't find one that was rated for more than ~150 sq ft. I think this unit gives a great bang for your buck, and I highly recommend it.


I start searching for an air purifier because my 2-year-old got a bad cold and her stuffed nose kept her sleep at night. This one had the best value (low price) among all that have similar room coverage size, CADR rate, and the 5 stages filtering tech.
I've been using it for a week and so far have absolutely no complaints about it. I know it is working because I even breathe the difference! (I smell no diaper odors anymore!) I do like the compact design which makes it easy to carry and store. I now bring it to all my other rooms to work. Child-Lock and night mode are bonuses. I am totally satisfied with this purifier, especially at a reasonable price. Recommend.


Your machine is wonderfully quiet as promised, but if there was supposed to be a remote control, I did not receive one. Please let me know if the model I purchased should have a remote control. I do wish the assembly instructions emphasized which side of the filter is supposed to face toward the inside motor and which side toward the cover. I'm not really sure if I've installed it properly. Since I've only had the machine for a few days I can't comment on ease of cleaning, but, how often should it be cleaned?

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